Rivne Zoo is the biggest one in Western Ukraine and has national significance. Our Zoo has unique landscape combining hills and mixed forest. Another Rivne Zoo’s peculiarity is animals’ exhibiting according to zoo-geographic principle. There are such exciting exhibitions as African Savannah, Patagonia, Australia, Mystery Asia etc. In mixed exhibitions visitors can watch different animals which live in the neighborhood out in the wild.

Over the year our Zoo holds different thematic events aimed to mainstream nature among children and adults (e.g. Tiger’s Day, African Savannah, Zookeeper’s day) as well as ethnographic and entertaining (Potato Fest, Pumpkin Fest, Night in Zoo, Saint Nicolas in Zoo). You can order tour operations and participate in exhibition animals’ feeding.
Total Zoo’s area – 11.6 hectares, annual attendance – 195 000 visitors, staff – 72 employees.

Animals’ collection contains over 180 species, including some unique for Ukraine. Such as lowland nyala, white-tailed gnu, giant red kangaroo, two-toed sloth, paca, Brazilian porcupine, three-banded armadillo etc. Visitors are always excited with the New World’s Primates exhibition, especially the Callitrichidae.

Among other Rivne Zoo’s features are exoterrarium and unique “Night World” exhibition showcasing the animals of nocturnal nature. Visitors are being surrounded with wild nature sounds and subdued lighting and can watch Nile bats flying experiencing strong sensations.